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Dedicated blog for the 3D photography of and articles written by the Creative Director of Image Source Media, Lee Jordan. Aiming to demonstrate and enthuse photographers to produce high quality 3D content and photography lovers to embrace full colour 3D via cheap viewing technology such as Stereoscopes.

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my first autostereoscopic photo with a person! emily is my guinea pig. :)
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Create 3D Prints On Your Own Printer!

I found this awesome tutorial for making your own 3D transparency prints!

Visit the site to find out more

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DIY 3D Parallax Barrier for your LCD Screen!

Wanna make your own 3D monitor or TV? Have an LCD a printer and some transparency sheets? Check out this neat wizard to help you create a parallax barrier for your own screen specs!

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Click Me! Is 3D destined to be a fad that comes and goes or is it here to stay this time? Did the photography side of things come along too early or is this the moment dual lens systems start to creep in?
What does it all mean for content? So many questions, how can you not be inspired to have a little tinker yourself?


Audience, c. 1953 (via Daily Herald Archive)
Click Me! Awwwwwwh! He’s not seeing good 3D content. We should aim to please him :)
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Click Me! These look interesting. “Stereoscopic Frames”, found via the 3D Photography Forum. It’s a way of enhancing the 3D effect of a photo by drawing a frame around part of the image, allowing another part of the image to bleed over/under the frame.
Check it out with some of those red/blue glasses you may have! This image is “The entrance to Charlottenlund seabath”, by Clausen and posted as part of the December 2011 3D Challenge.
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Great 3D Photography Forum

Found a great 3D Photography forum, which looks like a great resource. Also offering monthly challenges to test your 3D photo skills!

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